A Failed Photo Shoot...  

It was cloudy, and overcast today, which meant there was about a 10 minute window of good lighting to take my picture today.

We missed it.

The pictures all came out too dark, and lots of visible noise, not the crisp clearness that my Mommy demands... So, we will try again, maybe Wednesday if I am in a good mood. There was just not enough natural light today, and Mommy says it is almost impossible to take a good photo when you use a flash, which hurts my eyes anyway so I am ok with that.

So, here is my update:

I have had a little flair of asthma/bronchits, so I am back on the nebulizer, which I have decided is the most awful thing in the world. I'm taking prednisone again, trying to make that better, and I am taking that like a champ! I will be one in just a couple of weeks.

I gave Mommy my congestion and cold, so she is taking a lot of stuff too! Luckily, Daddy never gets sick. But, its back to Daycare and work on Monday, but I am doing enough better that it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I have started drinking more today too, so we are on the upswing.

Thats about it for me! I'll have Mommy post more pictures when they are taken and up to her standards!

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Great Granda J.  

Cameron, the pictures are cute and maybe Mommy will have the right light another time. I really loved seeing them of you and your cute little feet.
Do hope you are feeling better.

LOve to you all,
Great Grandma J.

I know what you mean... you just can't get a great photo while using the flash. Hopefully the sunshine will cooperate for you soon. Cameron is such a cutie.