ER Trip Averted!  

I almost got to make my first trip to an Emergency Room today! Luckily I did not have to go this time!

I have found a new game where I run from the end of the hall way and crash into the couch at full speed - it is great fun!!

However, as a 2-year old, I don't always get my feet going to the right places. Today I tripped over my feet and fell into the leather ottoman! My face hit the foot stool and shoved my glasses into my face...they made an indentation where my nose pad sits and cut my skin just above my left eye.

Mommy first thought the cut might require my first stitches but when Daddy used a cold wash cloth on the cut and Mommy put first aid cream on it, they discovered it was a superficial cut and I don't have to get stitches.

My eye socket did swell up very fast, all the way to the size of a golf ball! It's going to be black and blue for a while...

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! Grandpa, Grandma, Great-Grandma and Uncle are coming to see me and then we will go to Nana and Papa Jim's on Saturday!

I have been eating a lot for my growth spurt and to practice for all the great holiday food! It's warm right now but Mommy and Daddy say it is going to get very cold later this week!

It's time for me to go night-night!!!

Petting Goats at the Zoo!  

Petting the Goats at the Children's Zoo at St Louis Zoo after my Eye Doctor Appointment this week! I loved the goats, the hippos, and riding the train! Can't wait to go back again soon!

No More Eye-Patching!  

That is the great news we got from the eye doctor on Tuesday. Since our first visit to Dr. Tychsen in May, I had been wearing an eye patch on my left eye for two hours every day.

This was because Mommy noticed my right eye was turning in a little when she took pictures of me and she and Daddy knew that Daddy's eye had turned in the same way when he was my age.

So in May, Dr. Tychsen and his staff and other doctors figured out that I needed glasses and, to prevent and reverse vision loss, I needed to wear the eye patch over my strong eye to make my right eye regain strength so my eyes both worked together. I've been wearing the patch every day since, attached to my glasses for 2 hours every day. Mommy and Daddy say I did really well with wearing it and even had a pretty good idea when the two hours was up so my patch could come off for the day!

In our two follow-up appointments, Dr Galli, who works with Dr Tychsen, told us that my right eye was getting stronger. This week, she said my right eye had done really well and we could at least take a break from the patching! We will continue to monitor the progress with more follow-up visits but we are all very excited that there is no need for patching, at least through the holidays!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy are so thankful they were watching my eyes and took quick action to help me out! To celebrate, Mommy and Daddy got started on Christmas shopping (I got some new shoes since I am a growing boy!) and we went to the zoo yesterday!!! My favorite parts were riding the train, going nose to nose with the hippos (I LOVE hippos!) and getting to pet the goats in the children's zoo! We had so much fun together!

I still wear my glasses when I am awake, but they help me out and I don't mind them. Someday, I will go to contacts but that is a ways in the future! All of us are so happy with the good news, so I just had to share!!!

Mommy and Daddy say there might be some highlights of our zoo trip showing up soon, so come back and see what else I am into!

Focused on New Games on Mommy's iPod  

Cameron cuddling with Mommy!  

Big Truck Night  

It's Big Truck Night! I get to see a fire truck, semi, cement truck and a SCHOOL BUS!!!! I *love* school busses!


I counted to 10 all by myself tonight and unprovoked!

I put together a stack of 10 red Lego's and then counted them for Mommy and Daddy!

I'm not even 2 1/2 yet!

Building towers :)  


I can pedal my tricycle and get wherever I want to go! Watch me ride!

We are working on colors... Cameron thinks everything on earth is Yellow :)  

The Bumble Bee Song  

My little Bumble Bee  

Lounging on the deck  

Hanging out in PJs  

My New Glasses (so far so good!)  

Cameron thinks this should be his next tricycle :)  

Story Time  

I melted Mommy's Heart  

I just told Mommy "Happy Mommy Day".  I have been working with Daddy to learn all day.  Mommy says I did a wonderful job ;)

Playing Cameron's new ClickStart Computer from Leap Frog.  

Happy Mother's Day!  

Hi everybody! I hope everyone is having a great day and has been enjoying the pictures of me lately!

I wanted to make sure to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy and all the mommies out there! I also want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to Nana, Grandma Jacque, Mama Pat, Great-Grandma Jane and Great-Grandma Verna! Hope you all have a GREAT day!

Daddy and I made waffles for Mommy this morning and we are going to have a nice relaxing day! We have all earned it!

St Louis  

Love my hat!  

New PJ's  

Mommy and Me  

Goose in the middle of Sam's Club parking lot? Two of them, odd.  

Heading in for a fun filled day!  

The President driving through!  

The President drove through my town this week to tour our region. My Daddy got some neat pictures, although they are from a long ways away.

The first picture is actually last - the SWAT team truck that follows the President.

The next three pictures are of the SUVs that carried the President. Daddy thinks the front one had the President in it because of the seal on the 2nd row door.

This last picture is actually first - the law enforcement motorcycle escort that led the Presidential Motorcade.

The President came to my town!  

The President came to my area of the country this week and Daddy took some pictures. He didn't stop in our town and I didn't get to see anything but these are pictures of the President's helicopter, which Daddy says is known as Marine One when the President is on board.

Sandwich gone!  

Devouring a Philly Cheese steak Sandwich!  

Brand New Tricycle!  

In a Pile of Toys!  

Huge Cupcake Birthday Cake!  

Relaxing after a long day of being two ;)  

Zhu Zhu Hamster :)  

Birthday Breakfast!  

Papa and Mama came to see me and brought me a Hardees Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. YUMMY!

Poor Cricket... Never a moments peace.  

Hanging out on the deck :). Nice Day!  

Doors Cannot Stop Me!  

Mommy and Daddy are in trouble now! I can reach door knobs and turn them to go through the door! If it is not locked, I am coming in! I even opened the door to my room at day care today, too!

I even figured out how to lock Mommy and Daddy outside on the other side of the screen door! Luckily for them, Daddy had left another door unlocked a little earlier so he went around and came in that way. They think some changes will have to be made soon :)

Speaking of day care, Mommy and Daddy found out this week that the Monday after my birthday I will be moving from the Sea horse room (1-year olds) to the Barnyard room (2-year olds) and Miss Tracey. I will miss Miss Sue but I will get to see some of my other friends again. In this room, I get to start drinking from a cup with no lid or straw and start learning to go without my diaper!!!

I am getting so big! Can anyone believe I will be 2 in less than two weeks??!!??

It is past my bedtime! Talk to you again soon!!!

Step Like This  

We can do steps!

Last night I walked all the way up the steps in my house by myself with no help! Before then, I had been holding Mommy or Daddy's hand and putting my other hand on the wall - there are a lot of big steps! But no more!

And even better - this morning, I went down the steps all by myself too!!!

Mommy and Daddy say that is something people should be able to do between 2 and 3 years old - and I am not even 2!!!

Wanted to let everyone know how fast I am growing up! Time for me to go to school - bye-bye!

New Sit and Spin Toy!  

An Easter present - the greatest toy ever!

Happy Easter 2010!  

I am almost 2!

Breadeaux for lunch!  


Bath time! He did NOT want to get out tonight. Even after the water was all drained out.