Watch how fast I can climb!  

This is Cameron's huge beanbag chair. The past two days he has been trying to climb up in it himself. Today, he mastered it :)

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great gramda J.  

Cameron, I am back home and so glad you let Mommy take all the pictures of what you can do now so we all can see them. You are really climbing and even into the bean bag chair. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You awill be walking soon, standing alone is a big start.

Love you all,

Great Grandma J.

Grandma J  

"Your world" has just expanded! There are LOTS of new adverntures waiting for you to "get up" to them. Oh, the fun you will have--thanks for updating us on your blog. And, it is really ok to let Mommy take a picture so we can see you do these things! Love all of you--Grandma J

Oh my goodness...look at him go. What a cutie!