Some more big milestones!  

This past Saturday, I figured out how to crawl over to our furniture, and pull myself up! Now, Mommy and Daddy can't keep me from pulling everything off of the end tables! As if they weren't busy enough!

Then, on Wednesday I just started perfect hand over hand crawling like I had been doing it for months and was an old pro. I still worm crawl too, but I am figuring out that just using my arms and legs is quicker.

Daddy's family is coming to see me tomorrow. They were supposed to be here yesterday, but they canceled. Good thing they are coming tomorrow because we won't have another free weekend until the end of March!

Mommy is going to boot camp/basic training for her job, and it lasts four whole weeks. I am going with her for two of the weeks, and get to stay in a hotel suite. My great grandma is going to watch me during the day while mommy is in class, but then we get to hang out all night! Mommy is really worried about leaving me and Daddy for such a long time, so we decided that I would spend a week with Daddy, and then Mommy will come pick me up on the weekend and take me back with her on Sunday. It will be an adventure! Poor Daddy! What is he going to do without Mommy and Me! I gave Mommy a webcam so that we can talk and see each other every night. It will be rough, but at least this will only be something she has to do once! Then, its over and we never have to think about it again.

I haven't written for a while because we have all been sick. I am finally feeling better, but Mommy has a ruptured ear drum and has had significant hearing loss as a result. Almost totally loss in her left ear, and a tremendous amount of pain. She had to miss two days of work last week because it hurt so bad, and it was really affecting her balance. Not fun at all.

Mommy likes her new job quite a bit, and will start working 10 hour days around March so that she has a whole day to stay home with me and play. She is going to try to work from 7am-5:30pm, and will have Wednesdays off. That also means that I can have my play dates with T-ma back again!! I can't wait.

My uncle Daniel came to see me last night, and he shaved! Mommy says he looks a lot younger, but I didn't cry at all, I just stared at him and got up on his lap. I liked it a lot! Good job Daniel! (although Mommy was even more happy than me, because she finds all facial hair pretty disgusting if it is anything more than a shadow.)

We didn't really do anything for my first New Years Eve. Actually Mommy and Me feel asleep at like 9pm. Daddy didn't last much longer. My new years revolution is to try my hardest to get in to the better daycare center. Daddy hasn't told me what his is this year, but Mommy says she is going to lose 50 lbs by next New Years. Hopefully we will all accomplish our goals.

Daddy is going to be thirty years old this month. That is older than dirt! Mommy says we can't be too mean to Daddy because she will be 30 in September. She is afraid that Daddy will do something worse to her if we plan anything too obnoxious. But, I am sure Mommy will have a cake ready, and fix Daddy something good. For his Birthday he is getting Lasik surgery so that he doesn't have to wear contacts or glasses any more. That way he can take me swimming at the pool this Summer! We are all excited about that!~

Daddy is making Mommy an Asiago Cheese bagel sandwich, toasted in the oven. Sounds really good, but I just ate my Broccoli and had Banana Strawberry yogurt cereal for dessert, so I told them to skip making me a sandwich too. Mommy says I am already a chunky monkey, but in truth, I am not heavy at all. Practically perfect in every way, kinda like Mary Poppins! Mommy belongs to a Mommy Group, and I look so small compared to some of them! I'm just unique!

Guess that is about it for the night, gotta go and get ready for a big day tomorrow, there are going to be 8 extra people in my house!

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great grandma J.  

Cameron, it was so good to see you Sunday and see how you have grown and alal the things you can do. Didn;t reealize Mommy had sucha bad infection in her ear until I just read the blog. You tell her I hope it is alot better and that the hearing loss is not permanent.

Wish we could be there to celebrate Daddy's 30th birthday. since we can't you will have to make it a big day for him.

Have a good week and know that I love you all.

Great Grandma J.