Happy Birthday Daddy!!  

Today is a big day, my Daddy just turned older than dirt! He is 30 today!!!

Guess what he and Mommy are spending the day doing???? Making me food! Normally Mommy does it, but now, since Mommy is working too, Daddy is learning the ropes of homemade baby food. So, today, for about 6 hours, they will be steaming my veggies, and mashing them down. No more puree for me. I have texture issues, and absolutely hate chunky food. But, since I don't think they are going to puree all of my food in kindergarten, my parents decided that we would start making everything chunkier. Its not nearly as easy, or quick as the food processor, but that time has come, because next week, I will be 9 months old!

So, today we are making broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, spinach potatoes, lima beans, and fruit cocktail. All fresh. The deep freeze will be stocked up by the end of the day!

I walked down the hallway last night, holding on to the wall. I continue to be very entertained by the metal air vents. I splashed like crazy in the bath this morning. So far, since Mommy and Daddy started using only dye free fragrance free detergent, no softener, Aveeno baby wash for my hair, Cetaphil for the rest of me, lots of oatmeal Aveeno lotion, and keeping me away from allergens, I have not had any more serious eczema break outs, which is wonderful. We haven't had to use the steroid creams very much, and I don't have any scars from it.

Mommy has been so busy at work, she worked about 9 hours overtime this week, which was good because me and Daddy went shopping yesterday, bought a ton of diapers, wipes, and formula at Sam's, then went to walmart, and bought enough solid food for 3 months for me (minus the breakfast foods, like oatmeal, and yogurts). Mommy finally got a full check, so we took advantage of it and stocked up!

In two weeks, Mommy will have to be gone for 4 nights, and THEN I am going to go stay in a hotel with her for a week! That will be different! Mommy rented a suite, so we should have plenty of room. There may even be a pool for me to play in!

Mommy still really likes her new job. Besides having to drive about 35 minutes each way, its great. She definately has her radar up for child molesters in the general population now, and gets a really uneasy feeling for any man that takes more than a passing glance at me. Any anyone that trys to play with me, or touch me without first having permission is totally off limits. Even extended family that we aren't around much. Mommy says that most molesters start with kids in their own family because people figure that they are related, so they trust them more with access to their children. We believe that trust is earned, not just given because someone happens to be related. Mommy told me that she has a personal story for me, but that will wait until I am MUCH older. But, sadly, you just can't trust people anymore, even family.

Guess that is about it for now! Mommy is working on the blog background and stuff today too, so watch for changes!

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Happy birthday to hubby, glad you are enjoying your new job!!hugs! Love the new blog look!!