Christmas time will last a while!  

I was supposed to have Christmas with Daddy's Family today, but they couldn't come due to the weather. We are sad, but it will make Christmas last longer because we won't have another free weekend until February! So, I will get to celebrate this coming week, and then in two more months! That's kind of exciting. We would like to get together sooner, but the rest of this month is packed, and then Mommy has to go to boot camp for 4 weeks for her new job, and we will definitely not have any free weekends during that time, so, February it is!

Mommy said not to worry, that Santa said I have been a good boy, so I will get some treats.

I haven't had a fever today, but I have coughed so hard that I have thrown up some, and my stomach is not too happy on the other end either because diarrhea is a side effect of the Augmentin that I am on for the ear infection. I am doing really well with my Albuterol breathing treatments though, and I am not pulling at the mask much at all.

Hopefully each day I will get a little better now, so that by Christmas, I will feel like playing, as my Great Aunt Dawn has never met me before, and she is super excited to get to play with me!

Tammaw had surgery, and since I have been sick, we haven't seen her for over a week because we were afraid she might catch what I have, but hopefully I will feel better so that we can play again soon. I miss our Wednesday play dates, but Mommy said that she will start working 4 10 hour shifts, and will have either Wednesday or Friday off each week starting in February, so we can go back to our dates! I can't wait.

Well, its dinner time, gotta go! Talk to you all soon, and I will see my Illinois Family in February!

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great grandma J.  

Cameron, hope you are having fun and feeling alot better. We are still anxious to see you and waiting will be hard. Love you all.

Great Grandma J.