Update from Mommy  

Cameron seems to be feeling a little better. The rash is settled down a little bit, and although he protests a great deal, the cream seems to be making a difference, but since it is a steroid, it has its own side effects, which include his skin getting really rough and dry, and his leg is peeling. I called the dermatologist, and we are going to cut down the cream to just once a day and see if it continues to help. He will have to be totally lotioned down 4 times a day with Calming Aveeno. Hopefully that will make a difference. The rash on the back of his neck and back are gone at this point, so hopefully we caught it soon enough that it won't leave rough patches.

He is sleeping right now, and the coughing seems to be lessening. I gave him a big dose of mucinex, and he coughed to the point of throwing up a little about an hour ago, but his breathing is much better, and he is not coughing in his sleep at this point, so that is an improvement.

Kids are so much different than adults. When adults are sick, if they can, they sit, watch TV, and do as little as possible. When Cameron is sick, he still wants to play, still smiles, and still cuddles. I am amazed at what this little boy can do.

I have washed and bleached all of his toys today that went on the trip, and Kevin has washed all fabrics, clothes and bedding just to make sure that we don't reintroduce anything that may get him down again. Tonight we will run all the toys that can't be bleached through the dryer on hot to fluff and get rid of anything that might be there.

But, I am very sad for my son. My family has a few health problems that seem to get passed down generation after generation. Allergies and Migraines. So far, the allergies and migraines have always skipped the male children,except for my Dad, who is allergic to cats and ragweed, so I was praying that he would be so lucky. I have headaches about 2 times a week, but only about once every 2-3 months does one hit me that I just can't do daily life. I am still in hopes that he gets passed by with that affliction.

But, Allergies will definitely be an issue. Grass, hay/straw, ash, trees, mold, mildew, ragweed, pollen, dust, dogs that shed, cats, most wildflowers... the list goes on and on. After years of taking allergy shots that didn't do a bit of good.

My mom told me that I never wheezed when I was a baby. Does this mean that he will have them worse than I do? I sure hope not. Being allergic to so many things is not fun. I wasn't diagnosed with Asthma until I was about 5, a year after all the CAT scans and MRIs from when they told my mom that I had leukemia. Thankfully, I didn't, I just have atypical, lightening, and cluster migraines.

So, since I refuse to have a "bubble boy", we will just make sure that he will be able to do everything that he can. You can have a full and wonderful life with allergies, when he is older, medications may be able to help, but for now, we will just have to be very careful. Poor little guy, I sure did not want this for him.

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