Sad and Sick  

I woke up the morning not being able to see too well. My eyes are all swollen, and were stuck together with crusts. Mommy helped me with that, which did not make me too happy at the time, but I can see better again. I have a rash all over both legs, and my right arm, so Mommy had to put me back on steroid cream last night when we got home. I'm not wheezing today as much as yesterday, but my cough is pretty bad. Mommy is sick too, she can't breathe, is coughing stuff up, and has a migraine. We both started our allergy medications before we left the house, but unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have made a great deal of difference. We tried sleeping at my great grandma's house, which was fun but I guess I had already breathed in too much, because I was already coughing by bedtime and wheezing by 1am despite the round the clock benadryl. Mommy is watching me really close, and will take me to the doctor tomorrow if needed, but she can listen to my lungs every couple hours just to make sure that my breathing isn't getting any worse.

So, now Daddy and Mommy are sad. This means that I have Mommy's environmental allergies, and since I am so small and got this sick from just one day, even while I was on medicine, they won't be able to take me up to the farm house again. Mommy can handle being sick for a couple days as she always is when we visit, but I am just too young to have to be drugged the whole time and still end up sick. So it is a sad sick day here at our house today.

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