Going on a trip!  

I was told this morning that I won't be sleeping in my own bed this weekend. We are going on a trip to see my Grandparents and Great Grandmas. Its a 3 hour trip! That is a very long time to sit in a car seat, but we are going to try it and see how it goes.

Then there comes to the packing! There are things that I must have, but I am not sure there will be room for my mommy and daddy in the car! My pack and play to sleep in, my bouncer to entertain me, my high chair so that I can eat, food, spoons, bowls, my bottles, wonder how many diapers I am going to need? My clothes, blankets and toys, WHEW!~ That is a lot of stuff, glad that I don't have to pack any of that stuff myself, but Mommy and Daddy don't have anyone to pack it for them, I think they should hire it out! A cooler to keep my food in, since its all fresh and has to be refrigerated. Plus I will have to have my benadryl in case my allergies are as bad as Mommy's always are when we get there, plus tylenol and motrin because these teeth coming in HURT!

I'm tired just thinking about it! Better sleep good tonight so that we won't have to stop too many times on the trip, because it will be really cold outside, so getting me in and out of the car will not be a good idea. Brr! I'm going to go take a nap in my swing!

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great grandma J..  

I can hardly wait until you all ger here.Packing gets easier as you get older and doesn;t take as much. A time to look forward to.
See you soon.Love,
Great Grandma J.