My Mommy is staying home with me!  

My mommy is staying home with me this week. Possibly longer.

On Friday she and her boss decided that she was not going to be a good fit at her job, and due to hospital policies and rules, couldn't transfer, so effectively, was terminated. Mommy was upset, just because she would have much rather left on her terms. Mommy told me a secret.... Don't tell the old boss that you had a job interview with another company, even if she/he asks. Mommy says that may be the only time that lying is OK. She was going to quit as soon as she found something else, and even had an interview for a new position on Thursday. But, My mommy is a planner, and rarely bets, so she is a little leery expecting to get the job. There were 4 other applicants, so she has a 20% chance, given all applicants had equal footing initially. She has a Bachelor's, which hopefully will help, a ton of computer experience, and has had all of the trauma and disaster certifications in the past. She should hear something Monday or Tuesday. If not, she will call and find out the status of the position. If she doesn't get it, she will have to come up with other options. So, there is a lot of stress going on in my house right now.

Mommy promised that this would not affect me in any way, I still get the best diapers, lots of milk, and all the hugs I need, so I will be fine, and she told me that her and Daddy would be fine too. Something will work out, I'm sure of it.

Daddy says I have another big story to tell you about, but it will have to wait till later :)

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