5 Months Old  

I am now 5 months old. I am rolling around all over and I tried to eat some solid food again today, but I have forgotten how to swallow off a spoon. I did pretty well that last time mommy tried to feed me, but then I had such a bad stomach bug and sinus infection that we didn't try solids again for a while because I was so sick that I wasn't even drinking my milk. Now, I am drinking like a fish and it is not lasting me very long so I thought we should try to eat food again. I don't think I like carrots.

Daycare is not any better. I finally get over one illness and then almost immediately get something else.

Mommy is applying for another job. Not sure how many applicants there are, or if she would get it, but she is going to try. Hopefully she will have an interview next week. Surgery is just not what she wants to do. She doesn't want to have to leave me at night to go work on people, and this other job would have no call, which sounds good to me.

Yesterday I stayed with Tam-maw and Papa Jim while Mommy and Daddy went to Quincy for the day for a date. I had a really good time, and was a really good boy.

I'm getting cranky, as it is almost my bed time. Bye!

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