Mommy is Sad  

One of her favorite news media people, Tim Russert died today. She enjoyed watching him, and his coverage of political news. God be with his family.

Mommy just made Meatloaf. She hates to feel raw meat on her hands, and washed her hands with dish soap at least 20 times (not an exaggeration) while making it. But, now it is in the oven, so that she and Daddy can have meatloaf sandwiches next week. She also has Chinese Chicken and Noodles ready to reheat. Unfortunately, cooking so much has made the house really hot, and I have had some tummy troubles today, so she is wearing me in my sling, its pretty darn hot! Plus, the power was out for about 45 minutes, and that really heated the house up too. Lucky for us, the power people already knew it was out when we called. Her cell phone battery would not have lasted much longer.

Tam-maw and Papa Jim are going to be out of town tomorrow, and that also makes us sad. But, they will be back Sunday. We had hoped to BBQ with Mama Pat, and Papa Russ for a later supper to celebrate Father's Day, but Tam-maw and Jim might not be able to be back because Jim's niece Jenny is getting married. (Who gets married on a holiday!) We will have to play it by ear, and Mommy HATES that. Gotta plan, gotta know, doesn't have to be written in stone, but at least it needs to be fairly well set, and NOT at the last minute. None of the rest of Mom's family is huge on planning, so I'm not positive where she gets it. Mommy hopes I get her planning gene! She will probably buy me a FranklinCovey Planner as soon as I can write and tell time.

Well, I gotta go because Daddy and Mommy have to clean house, as we are having company tomorrow!

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