I missed a couple days!  

Sorry for the lack of updates! Mommy has a bunch of exciting things going on, but she can't talk about them just yet... but that has kept her from having time to let me have the computer!

I think we might need to build an Ark! The muddy water between us and Illinois is rising, there is even talk about sandbagging! Daddy nor I have done that, but Mommy sandbagged a lot in 1993 at the Armory. She says that her hands were so raw that they bled! Not fun at all, but very good exercise!

Today, I have had a bath, had breakfast, and my mid-morning snack. Mommy has to be gone for a little while today, but Daddy is going to take a longer lunch and take care of me for a while... I just have to remember to be good, and not spit anything up on Daddy's suit.

I am wearing my "coming home" PJs today, they still fit because they are a litle longer. If won't be long until I am too big for them! I am getting tall (or longer?), so Mommy will probably take my picture tonight so that if this is the last time I can wear these PJs she will have pictures.

Not much more to report on today, if more news becomes available about Mommy's Project, I will let you know!

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