New Stuff...  

Dad here...just wanted to point out a couple of new features for the people reading.

1) Mom has set it up so you can get a once-per-day e-mail if Cameron has commentary. Simply enter your e-mail address in the "Get Updates By E-mail" box on the far right. Enter your e-mail address and click subscribe, at which time a pop-up window will have a security code to be entered and then you will get a confirmation e-mail. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail and you are all set!

The daily feed will be sent sometime between 7-9pm which will give you a little snippet of what was posted and a link to that specific post. Obviously, you are welcome to simply click on over here to check whenever you would like.

2) While we will try to let everyone know when new photos are added with posts, don't be shy about clicking the "My Photo Albums" link at the top of the page - it will take you to all of the albums we have uploaded. Same thing with the "My Youtube Videos" link for any videos. There is also the ability to subscribe to the YouTube feed to find out immediately when new videos are posted.

3) Don't be shy about commenting! We'd love to read what you think to the little guy and each other.

And no, I'm not neglecting him - he's sleeping now, but food time is fast approaching. We get to meet the Parents as Teachers representative tomorrow so we also are getting ready for that!

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