Big News!  

Last night I lost my Umbilical Cord stump! This makes my mommy and daddy very happy because they were worried about it getting caught on my diaper, even though I use Huggies with the cord care fronts. Plus, it looked kinda yucky. So, now I am working my way to a cute little belly button.

I have done a lot today. Mommy took me (and daddy) to her workplace today, were they all agreed that I am beautiful. Mommy had her friend Paula weigh me, and I weigh 8 lbs now. I also took my first trip to Wal-Mart, and slept through it. Mommy insisted that I be in my car seat and covered with a blanket because she is a germophobe. Mommy is a nurse, and she doesn't like other people touching me, even she and daddy could probably keep the Purell hand sanitizer people in business on their own!

Now I am tuckered out, and ready for a nap. Mommy will get my you-tube feed posted soon, and move more of my pictures to a public album.

That's it for now~ its a lot of work being a baby!

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