Today, I'm just not a happy camper. I've been trying to tell Mommy and Daddy what's wrong for a day and a half, but they just have not figured out my noises yet. They're pretty good if I'm dirty or hungry, but all the other stuff is new to them still...and they just don't get it. (What, you think I'm going to spill the beans on here and make it easy for them? Yeah, right!)

I got my first bath that I got to be in the water today. Up until now, I had to just sit above the water and freeze while Mommy and Daddy sponged me because my cord stump area could not get wet. BUT, with it gone, I got to be in the water and once I got use to the idea, it was not all that bad :)

Yesterday, we had our first big outing, but I slept through most of it. We went to a lot of places with a lot of clothes that were WAY too big for me - what are Mommy and Daddy thinking??? I can't wear 0-3 month size yet, let alone Toddler or Adult sizes! And don't they know that it's all about ME now???

After the bath today, I got to wear one of the new outfits they DID buy me yesterday - it has three green alligators and says "See you later Alligator" - they think it's really cute and I have to say, once it was on, it is not too bad. They say I'm going to get to see Grandma Jacque and Grandpa Paul today, plus my great-grandmothers and an uncle and great aunt I haven't met yet. Plus - Tammaw and PapaJim and all of mommy's family will be here tomorrow. Lots of people - maybe one of them can tell mommy and daddy what I want when I'm screaming!

It's time for a nap before the big excitement begins! In case I had not mentioned it, I LOVE to nap during the day - I have to have my strength for all of the late-night parties!!!

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