Today's Agenda  

I slept ok last night, I went to sleep about 10:45pm, and woke up starving at 3:35am. Mommy and I got up, and watched the History Channel while I ate. I was back in bed about 4:30, and got up with Daddy at 7:30. Not too bad I guess.

Today at 1pm we have a meeting with the "Parents as Teachers" representative. I really don't know what she will make me do, but Mom and Dad say that reading is very important, and that this will help them know what skills to work on with me so that I can be top of my class in Kindergarten. I can't even sit up yet, and they are planning my class rank?? I guess that is what happens to babies that are born to overachiever parents... I have a lot of fun to look forward to! (It will be fun, right??)

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Just think kid, you've got the next 22 years before you'll maybe be done with school.

Remember this sage advice: Don't let your school work interfere with your education.