A Whirlwind of a Weekend...  

This weekend I got to see four grandparents, four great-grandparents, an uncle, a great aunt and a future great uncle...it's been a lot of fun but I'm also glad to be back in mommy's arms.

I behaved pretty good when Daddy's family got here, but then I kept him up all night to talk about the fun time we had! Daddy was great and he stayed up and talked with me all night...when we could hear each other over the noise from outside. Daddy and Mommy were amazed by the wind and the things it did to the furniture on the deck and trees next door.

I got to wear a brand new outfit today - my red ship's captain's outfit - everyone thought it was so cute! I've been wearing my new tennis shoes too! They don't help me walk yet, but they are stylish :)

Daddy did so good for me...I told him what to get Mommy for her first Mother's Day and he did great! It's a pendant with my birthstone but Daddy forgot Mommy's necklace chain is too big to go through the opening...so we're going to find a new one so Mommy can celebrate me all the time!

I've started eating a little bit more now and Mommy and Daddy are hoping I'll sleep a little better tonight...we shall see (*giggle*)...

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