quick updates  

This will be quick, because Mommy is exhausted and just doesn't feel like helping me type much...

1) I now have four teeth. two on top, two on the bottom. They are now all the way through.
2)last night I pulled myself up to standing on the couch with no help. This is the first time Daddy has seen me do it.
3) I am sick, because Daycare absolutely sucks, so I am not eating.
4) Mommy worked today to meet the new Psychiatrist that she will be working with, but he didn't show up, so she had a TON of work to do to make up for his absence.. rescheduling all of his people, reordering over 70 medications, and going through 200+ charts making sure everything that could be done was done. The nurse that transferred even came back to help her get caught up, but it may take a couple weeks for things to be right. She loves the work environment though, its just getting caught up that is stressful.
5) Daddy worked today too, but he brought his work home because he can't really take me to the office. Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, not for working, or stressing.

That is it for now, I am sleepy.

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great grandma J.  

Cameron, so good to hear from you. Am sure it is stressful for Mommy starting a new job but am glad she likes it. The first days are always hard with most jobs. what a big boy you are, FOUR teeth and pulling yourself up to the couch. The things you can do.Love y ou all. Great Grandma J.