Bubbles the Fish and so much more  

Well, daycare has struck again, and we have a very sick little boy on our hands.

Today, his fever went up to 103.8 today, which is scary. That was right after I got home, Daddy stayed home with him today and took him to the Dr. Bronchiolitis, an ear infection, and probable asthma. So, we now have our very own bright green nebulizer. Its name is Bubbles, according to the book and sticker that came with it. I gave him a treatment when I got home, and it went pretty well. He didn't fight too much. Then he got a tepid bath. He DID hate that, which I knew that he would. Have you ever had a fever, and had to take a cool shower? Hurts bad, but, it did the trick, along with Augmentin, Orapred, Tylenol and Motrin all together. He is now asleep, after throwing up all over Daddy and the couch. Oh well, C'est la vie!

Daddy will be staying home with him tomorrow as well. I swear I think Cameron will end up with Plague by the time we finally get him out of that daycare. I understand that kids get sick, but the hand hygiene is definately lacking, the floor is usually dirty, and then there is the germ toilet they call the toy pit. I'm not sure there is enough bleach in the world to make that pit acceptable. Ofcourse, my husband would say that I am over reacting, but its gross. Hopefully Cameron will get into the new daycare when school is out in May. We have been on the waiting list since I was just a couple months pregnant and now Cameron is almost 8 months old! Granted, its got all the bells and whistles, certifications out the whazoo. Its the Harvard of munchkin land. Plus, if Daddy moves out to his new building to work pretty soon, it will be right next door.

We were supposed to have Christmas with Daddy's family on Saturday, but I am not sure that will be possible. With Cameron being sick, he doesn't need to be exposed to extra stress or people, plus we are exhausted. Cameron gave me his bug too, but luckly I didn't get as sick as he did, otherwise poor Daddy would be taking care of both of us.

I have gotten some wonderful Christmas cards from my Mommy Group. They are such an awesome group of gals, and I am so glad to have them, as a sounding board, as support, and someone to complain with about everything under the sun, and never a judgement is made. Not one included a "Christmas Letter", so I don't feel so odd anymore. I did get Cameron's Christmas pictures done, and got 4x6 prints with our cute little message, but I haven't written a letter. I just can't make myself do it. I say what I want people to know here, on Cameron's blog. The rest, well, if I wanted someone to know about what has happened in 2008, they would already know. I don't want to have to summarize the whole year in a paragraph, or mention all the key events that made this year worth remembering. I don't want to ramble about people that others don't know, don't care about, or reiterate the same stories and facts that everyone who matters already knows. I have very few people that I would consider friends, but many casual acquaintances. The friends already know my important details, and the acquaintances probably wouldn't really care, and that is how it should be. My closest non-family friend is Tina, and even though we don't talk every week any more, she still knows the main things that are going on in our lives. My Mommy group gets to hear all the nitty-gritty crap that I won't say on here, because after all, this is public, and some things are not appropriate to post to the entire blogosphere. I love them dearly for that, and they kept me sane during my pregnancy, and continue to be my greatest resource for all things baby. Family is great, but family is not objective. Sometimes its a lot easier to ask the hard questions to a bunch of women you have never physically met, and yet feel so close to. I can confese all my problems, admit that I might not be perfect, and get oodles of cyber-hugs and advise. I feel like I know these women better than friends I have had for years. People change, moms worry, we fall down, we break down, and its the special people that drag us back up again, slap some sense back into us, and get us to keep on keeping on. For a bunch of gals from a lot of different situations and backgrounds, with the only seemingly thing in common is that we all happened to get pregnant at the same time I have some of my best friends ever. For that, I am truly thankful.

So, beyond rambling, I will be mailing our Christmas Picture, sans letter because well, if you know what has made 2008 an awesome year, its because you matter to me. No letter is needed to tell you that.

Lots of love,

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And we love you, too! Um... you are talking about us right? LOL

great grandma J.  

Cameron, so sorry to hear you are sick. Do Hope all the medicine makes you feel better and you don't have such a high fever again. Hope all three of you get a good night's rest. :pve upi a;;/

Glad Daddy can take care of you Friday. That will be good.

Love y ou all,

Great Grandma J.