This is my Cousin, OMAR  


My Uncle Adam tells me that its a Spinone Italiano, but I think he is a horse! All we need is a saddle. He seems to be a good dog though, just huge compared to my sisters who are Yorkies! He can already jump on on my mom and reach her shoulders, but Uncle Adam says that he shouldn't do that and is working on his training. He is kinda cute it a big huge hunting dog sort of way. I am pretty sure I will see cousin Omar soon, and I am going to bring a saddle and ask for a ride :)

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Just think, Omar is younger than you. Born May 5. He already tips the scales at 60 pounds and will probably hit 90 before he quits growing.

He might turn into a bucking bronc if you try to ride him, though.

But he works well in the field.