I'm keeping Mommy very busy!  

It has become a full time job just keeping me from getting stuck!

This morning, I got stuck between the recliner and the end table. Mommy was gone for maybe a minute, and everything was picked up and safe, and there was only about 4 inches, but I managed to crawl in there. I haven't figured out how to put my legs in reverse, so I got stuck and had to ask mommy to get me out. Mommy has tried putting pillows around the edges of things, and to block my view of the vent, but I have figured out how to go either under or over them. I can move and get myself in trouble fast!

Mommy is trying to work on Christmas presents today, but I don't want her to. We are actually sitting on the floor in the front room blogging because I want constant contact and attention today.

Mommy still doesn't know exactly when her new job will start. She thought that it was going to be next monday, but due to having to go to Jeff City for training for a long time (four weeks!) she is not sure when that will actually start, plus she has to go to jeff city for an orientation day too, so, its all up in the air, hopefully she will know something soon, because it is hard waiting and not knowing for sure.

I am starting to get fussy, so I am going to have Mommy put me in my swing to see if I can take a nap. I'll keep you updated on my antics!~

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great grandm J.  

Caneron, you really must be getting around keeping Mommy busy/ The only time she can get anything done is when you are sleeping. You have to look around and see what is different. LOve you, honey
Great Grandma J.