New Proof that I am Adorable, and Another Milestone~  

First, I can now sit up without support. If something is very far out of my reach, I will fall over, but if I concentrate, and no one startles me, I can sit for several minutes at a time. My new world record is 4 minutes ! I am starting to feel better. Mommy and Daddy are being sneaky and giving me two bottles in the mornings and at night. One is Bubblegum flavored and mommy said it is formula mixed with my antibiotic. I like it better than my normal bottle! My eyes are not as swollen, and my cough is not as bad. I am staying home with mommy until she goes back to work and will only go to daycare on days that she has interviews or has to go talk to people. I am enjoying staying home. I gotta go, its dinner time!

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great grandma Coffey  

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It is time for this Grandma Jacque to get back down to see you--it has been toooooooo long!! Wow, you are changing so much--sitting up all by yourself, and Mommy and Daddy say you can roll around to get where you want to go. It will be crawling next--what fun! Hope to see you real soon--and am glad to hear you are feeling better. Tell Mommy and Daddy hello--love all of you! Grandma Jacque