Sorry for the lack of updates.  

Cameron is asleep, so this is Mommy here.

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates here in Cameron's world. Truth is, since I have started my new job, I am exhausted, and rarely have time to respond to emails, let alone type a blog entry very often. I have also been having computer problems that I thought I had finally fixed, but apparently not, as my computer is still super slow, and locks up whenever I try to look at pictures. I am working on getting some pictures edited and ordered, so that I can scrap them, but that is a very slow process.

My new job is harder than I could have imagined. Being out of the clinical area for 4 years has made it even harder. The stress level of surgery is through the roof. I am responsible for so much, and I have to do it so quick that I feel like the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up from 7am-4pm, my feet hurt, my legs are starting to swell, and then coming home and taking care of my son, well, I am asleep before my head hits the pillows most nights. Weekends are the only time that I can actually accomplish anything, so scrapbooking, taking pictures, blogging, its all taken a backseat to the stuff that actually MUST be done. I rarely see my family, and never see my friends just because there is always so much to go. Golfing?? What is that? We don't go on Friday nights anymore because after being at work all day, I just want to come home and spend time with Cameron and Kevin. Its too much work to Golf, and I have lost all desire to go do it.

On the Cameron front... He got shots yesterday, so he is a grouch, but that is to be expected. He did sleep all night last night, which is something he hasn't done for weeks! We are not really expecting him to do that anymore, which means what little sleep we do get is not good sleep. He also has a rash on his elbow, which the Dr finally paid attention to (after just shrugging it off last week), and he is one a potent steroid cream to clear that up. He is teething, and I am not sure if it is making us, or him more miserable. He has not been his normal happy self for a couple weeks. He weighs 13.5 lbs now, still small, but adorable. And he is working on eating some solids. Last night I fed him Carrots, which he seemed to enjoy. He has started to blow raspberries, which would be cuter if he didn't blow spit bubbles at the same time. He is rolling around all over the place, and starting to have signs of crawling, so we will be baby-proofing the house sooner rather than later. He is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, and he is 4 months old.

Kevin and I both got an awful cold virus from Cameron, who got it from Daycare because some parents are retarded and don't know that they should keep kids that are sick at home. Kevin is back to healthy, Cameron is better, but I still feel awful. My immune system has never been much good. Anyone is sick around me, and I get it. I am hoping that I can breathe by this weekend, as we have way to many things that we have to do, and I can't be sick and do them.

We moved up in the world, and got a DVR, which has been wonderful. So nice to be able to pause live TV when we have to get up and feed or change diapers. Plus, its easier to work than the VCR.

Well, its Dinner time, and I need to go going, so, there is your update.

Big hugs Lainey! Can't wait to find out if its a boy or a girl!

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YEAH! so glad you commented on my blog! My hubby was a dork and thought my bookmarks were on his computer (they are in my google toolbar and follow me wherever I go) and deleted them all! I had found most of them, but yours was one I hadn't found!! Thanks for the positive thoughts. I am sure that your job will get easier when you get back in the swing of things! Such a bummer that you were sick though, ugh!

It's a girl!!! (Remember when you were wanting a girl and me a boy? LOL) Too funny! Took a few minutes to get used to the idea, but now we're super happy about the idea of a little girl! Of course, just hoping for a healthy little baby at this point!

Your entire second paragraph sounds like exactly how I'm afraid it's going to feel to go back to work! Just utterly exhausted and falling asleep at the end of the work day! For the past year already, I have done virtually no scrapbooking, so I can't even imagine once there's a baby on the scene!