We Have Not Disappeared  

No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth, though you might not know that by the recent lack of updates from around here. Mommy and Daddy have both been REALLY busy during the day and at night, they are focused on ME! Not on the boring old computer. But I am taking a nap now, so Daddy is letting the world know what is up!

Mommy started her new job this week and has enjoyed it so far. She has been in orientation some and in her unit some and is learning a lot. It is a new challenge for her, but she seems to be enjoying it, so far. The hard part is when she has to go to work in the morning and not stay home with me.

Daddy has also been very busy at work ahead of his bank's merger with another bank and also filling staffing shortages in some branches in departments Daddy used to be in. Daddy also found out this week he is going to be gone for two whole days in September for a seminar in Kansas City.

Since Mommy and Daddy are both working this week, I have been going to stay with Miss Courtney, Miss Judy, and Miss Brittany during the day at one of the churches here in town. They take good care of me but I still miss Mommy and Daddy. They feed me when I am hungry and I take lots of naps while I also have started to meet some other kids my age. Mommy and Daddy say that I'm going to go to a different daycare as soon as a spot opens up, so that is exciting! Miss Courtney went to school with Uncle Daniel and was a year ahead of him. Papa Jim was the principal at that school then!

I also got to meet my other uncle, Adam, last week, and meet Great Aunt Luci and Great Uncle Charlie ... and I stole the show, as always. I got to see Grandma Jacque and Grandpa Paul and my great grandma's on Daddy's side too! It was a LONG day and it wore me out! I slept a LOT for the few days after that! Mommy and Daddy said today that Uncle Adam lost his job and does not have many options just yet, so we hope he gets a new job soon!

Mommy and Daddy said today that I get to go see fireworks this Saturday if it's not too hot. There are some out by Tammaw and Papa Jim's house that are neat and we're going to go with Mommy and Daddy's friends Jeff & Tina. There are also rumors that I might get to go see Tammaw and Papa Jim in another week when Mommy and Daddy play in a golf tournament with Jeff & Tina.

I hope you all are doing well and I will try to be more regular with updates! See you soon!

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Hey, Cameron, it was really great to get to meet you and hold you and love you lots! You're one handsome dude! We had a great time with your Mommy and Daddy too. Our visit to the Midwest was very good and now we're back on the Carolina coast. There is a tropical storm out there just off the coast so we've been getting rain today -- it comes in a downpour and then it lets up until the next downpour. But stepping outside is like stepping into a sauna!

You take care, young man! Tell Mommy and Daddy that we love them and we're glad Mommy's job is good so far!

Love 'ya! Great Aunt Luci (oh does that ever make me feel old! Couldn't we just make it Aunt Luci?)