We went to the ZOO!  

Not the one with fun animals though, we went to the one by Sam Walton that has crazy people that all want to block the isles with their shopping carts! Mommy wore me in my sling so that I could sleep. It works really well, its too hard to push a stroller and a cart all at once. I slept the whole time!

I was a good boy during Mom's Dr appointment too, I only made a couple little peeps, and by the time that was over, I was back asleep again.

Daddy got home and gave me a bath since Mommy hadn't had a chance to do that yet. I didn't handle that very well, and screamed through the majority of it.

After my bath, Daddy read us 2 stories, and now we are watching some grown men skate around on ice and sticks. Am I supposed to be entertained??

Nothing else planned for the night. I will probably eat 2 more times, get my diaper changed 2-3 times, and then it will be bed time. I hope that tomorrow is a little more exciting, or I might sleep all day then too!

Night night!

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