A Busy Few Days...  

Wow. Has it really been four days since I said anything? I guess Mommy and Daddy have been busy lately because I've said a lot, but they didn't pass it along ... I'm going to have to re-train them!

Let's see, the Mississippi River is still up. The crest is supposed to come today at a level which is just above the previous-2nd-highest on record from 1973. However, the river really did crest earlier this week when it was over 30 feet but then several levees north and south of home broke or were not tall enough, so the water is all going out that way instead of staying between the levees. We are very lucky here but I feel bad for all of those people and pets who have lost their homes, businesses, and farm land. Daddy said the Today Show has been camped out in his office parking lot for the last two days with live reports from on top of our flood wall.

It sounds like the river is going to fall slowly, meaning it could be another week or more before the flood gates are taken out and then the clean up begins. The clean up will take a few days which means that the big July 4 celebration will have to be relocated and may cut off access to Daddy's office. What that means is once Daddy goes to work in the morning, he won't be home for lunch - he will have to stay at work all day and then just come home at night - not fun! I will miss my Daddy!

Speaking of Daddy's work, he has been putting in a whole lot of hours lately and I miss him! He said he had nearly a full extra day of work this week and he even left 90 minutes early from work on Friday! Daddy works very hard and takes a lot of pride in getting the job done, but I wish I could go with him once in a while. When is Dad's Take Your Kids To Work Day? I want to go with him and distract him all day!

Mommy found out this week she does not have to go back to work as early as she thought. And it is because she has a NEW JOB!!! Mommy is going to be a nurse in Surgery at the Hospital where I was born, starting in mid-July. She will be responsible for keeping records and effectively running one of the Hospital's Operating Rooms. It will mean she has to go to work a little bit earlier, but she will be off a lot earlier and be able to pick me up from day care earlier - Mommy was glowing all day Friday when she found out and I am so happy for her!!!

Speaking of day care, we met Miss Linda yesterday, who is in charge of the day care. She seems nice, though I slept through most of the meeting in my sling wrapped around Mommy (Mommy LOVES to put me in that sling! It's warm and comfy, so I like it too, except when I don't!) We met some of the kids I will be with (they are so BIG!). The youngest one in there right now is 7 months old, and I'm only TWO months! But Miss Linda said they are expecting more promotions soon and that will mean more kids my age in with me. The daycare is in a church, so they focus a lot on teaching me about Jesus and God, which is something that I know makes Mommy and Daddy happy.

My friend Iszy Z goes to the same daycare, so it will be nice to know one or two people, but she is only a year or two from going to the big school which means I won't get to play with her very much and that makes me sad.

Mommy and Daddy are planning to play golf with Connor and Taylor's Grandma today. It will be Mommy's first time golfing since before I arrived. It should be an interesting sight to see! I have been to the golf course before, but Mommy and Daddy say they will be passing me back and forth while each plays their shots.

I have to go see the doctor in a couple of weeks - Mommy and Daddy mentioned something about shots. I don't know what those are, but by the sounds of it, I will NOT like them.

It's nap time, so I'm going to go lay down. Thanks for reading! Stay dry!

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Grandma jacque  

WHEW!! What a busy week you have had, young man!!! All of you are very busy!!! Tell Mommy CONGRATULATIONS on her new job. It sounds exciting, and it looks like she is looking forward to it (except having to leave you?!!). You will meet many new friends at daycare--and I think you might have a lot of fun playing with all the others there. We are thankful the flooding was not as bad for you there in Hannibal; but we are sad for all of the people that have had so much damage because of all the water and all the breaks. Hope we can have more days of sunshine to dry things out so clean up can continue. We love all of you! Grandma Jacque