Where was Daddy?  

Today was strange. After we got up this morning, Mommy and I went and spent all day with Great Grandma Pat and Great Grandpa Russel...but Daddy didn't come along. I haven't hardly seen Daddy all day - Mommy said something about him having to go to some other town for a work thing and he didn't get to come home at lunch time...it makes me sad because I miss my Daddy and I KNOW he misses me too.

But, on the plus side, I spent a fun day with Mommy's grandparents and am even eating full bottles at a time now (Mommy and Daddy say that is four ounces)...I just love being the star of the show :) I do it well, so I'm told.

Another plus is, even though Daddy has to work tomorrow, after that he gets three days off in a row, so he won't have to go back to work on Monday. Then he works four, instead of five, days next week before the next weekend. Daddy mentioned the Cubs will be on TV on Monday and we might watch if it is raining - Daddy has a "Man Cave" near Mommy's scrapbook room where he says we might find ourselves during the game!

Mommy and Daddy also said something about another adventure this weekend - I don't know what they have up their sleeves yet, but I'm sure it will be fun! Just like when Daddy read me a Dr. Seuss book last night - I wonder what story they will tell me tonight?

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Grandma Jacque  

Glad you and Mommy had a fun day with Great Grandpa and Grandma yesterday. Your video when you talked to Daddy is so precious; it brings tears to this Grandma's eyes; I miss you, but getting to see you this way helps me through the day. I keep your blog minimized on my computer at work. When I need a "Cameron Fix," I just bring the blog up and look at your pictures and video. Makes my day! Love ALL of YOU--Grandma Jacque