Plan for today  

Not really much on the agenda for the day. Mommy says we might run to Walmart (doesn't that sound exciting!). She is looking for a pair of shoes for me that have not come back into stock. She knows that I can't walk yet, and that the shoes really don't have a purpose, but they are great for keeping my socks on when we are out and about. The shoes she is looking for are red, white, and blue with cute little puppies on the side. Daddy was going to look for them at the Walmart close to where he was working yesterday, but he had too many hours of work to do, and then had to come home, so he didn't get a chance.

Mommy needs to go to Hobby Lobby to get a certain type of colored pencils and mineral spirits for a project she is working on. I doubt we will go all the way to Quincy today by ourselves, we are pretty worn out from going to Mama's yesterday!

There is not much on TV today, which is ok because it is mostly just background noise, but Mommy says that I am not allowed to watch something called the "Jerry Springer Show". She can't believe that it is still on the air!

I'm sure I will be back later, but Mommy wants me off the computer so that she can go take a shower. Bye Bye!

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