Plans for Today  

Mommy just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my album~ Check them out at the top.

I have a Dr. appointment today to recheck my eye. Mommy thinks that I have a blocked tear duct, but she is not sure. The Dr didn't seem too worried at my last visit a month ago, but we think it should be cleared by now.

The past two nights, I have slept pretty good. Mommy got me something called a MIRACLE BLANKET. It works great. She will be their spokesperson if needed, that blanket is wonderful! When I am wrapped in it, I almost sleep through the night.

When I wake up, I am hungry, and I am almost up to 3.5oz in my bottle routinely. I should find out how much weight I have gained today at the Dr office, and Mommy will post it and let you know. Guess it is time to take a nap! Bye!

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