Home again with my Updates  

We just got home. Dr T says that its a blocked tear duct, and that it might not clear up until I am 6 months old! That is like 5 more lifetimes for me! But, he says that it happens with a lot of babies, and that it is nothing to worry about. I see him again in one month, for my first shots! Whatever those are, I am sure that I will not like them!

The UPS guy got here right before we left, and Mommy got her Peanut Shell. This is a very cool little sling to carry me around in. We tried it out to go into the Dr's office, and it works great! I love feeling all safe and snug, and Mommy likes having two hands again.

We also used the awesome little backpack that my Great Aunt Dawn sent me. She has fantastic taste! It has my name on it an everything! Mommy is going to carry this on all our short outings because it is smaller and easier to tote. Mommy says that Dawn may have started something very bad because all the Stephen Joseph stuff is so freaking cute, I am going to have to have more of it! Mommy may order herself one to use as a purse, but I bet hers will not be as cute as mine!

This is our first day with Daddy being gone to work. I got to see my Daddy at lunch, and he will be home soon! YAY! Daddy will go to walmart after work to get me some more huggies newborn sized diapers. They are a little bigger than the Pampers, which I am quickly outgrowing!~ I weighed 8 lbs and 7oz today!

On the topic of diapers, Mommy says to stay away from the White Cloud brand, they are like tissue paper... super thin and kind of stiff. Luvs are not very soft either, so I might just end up being a Huggies baby. I also use Huggies Shea Butter body wash and lotion, because it smells so good.

I haven't eaten much today because I have been so sleepy. Mommy is going to make some more formula right now so that it will be ready when I want it.

Oh, and Mommy made a oops, and the photo albums didnt load. She fixed it, and they should work now :)

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