My 0-3 month clothes and the Torture of Mommy  

Are not fitting me. I am a month old now (or 4 weeks, anyways), so shouldn't they be fitting now? Mommy tried to dress me in one of the outfits today, but it didn't work. I probably have 2-3 more pounds to gain, or at least two inches before any of that stuff fits.

Daddy and I made Mommy suffer through the Cubs game last night. Daddy says that the Cubs have been doing better at winning since I have been born, and that maybe they should have had me earlier! Mommy thinks that Daddy is "certifiable", whatever that means. I have a Cubs outfit, but its a 6-9 month I think, so it will be a while before I get to wear that. Mommy thinks that baseball games should be shorter, but at least they are not as boring as football, which even though it has a time clock, Mommy says that it doesn't mean a darned thing, as one football minute can equal 20 clock minutes. That makes no sense to me, but I am sure that she will explain it to me when I am older.

I don't think we have any other plans today. Daddy will be home shortly after 5, and then I think that they might read me a book tonight! Gotta start early if I want to be reading Judy Bloom by Kindergarten~! No Dick and Jane books for me! Mommy promised me she would read me the Hobbit, but we are going to start with the Serendipity Books, Curious George, and Dr Seuss. Gotta run, Mommy says I have been on the computer for long enough.

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Go, Cubs, Go.

Someday really soon, your Daddy and Uncle Adam will take you to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. Bleachers of course.

And as for reading, Uncle Adam has a long list of favorite books to share with you.

It is, after all, my job to corrupt you as much as possible.

I am sorry that you and mommy had to sit through that Cubs game. Tina