Long day!~  

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took me on a trip to go shop for clothes at the outlet stores, and man did I score! I even got things that are for a year from now because they had some great deals. I even got a pair of baby sunglasses, which I am sure my Mommy will post a picture of soon.

The only time that I fussed was when I was hungry. Mommy wore me in her baby sling for a while, and bought a second one for hotter weather that is made out of cooler material.

Unfortunately, Mommy has a stomach bug this morning, and doesn't feel too hot. She hopes that it goes away so that we can go to the arts and crafts festival downtown today.

Daddy is going to go to church, and then come home, and we will probably go sometime after lunch.

Daddy got a Jeff Gordon pitcrew hat yesterday, but there was nothing small enough for me. There is a big race on, so that is what we will be doing tonight. Mommy will probably scrapbook while the race is on, and we can all hang out downstairs.

Guess that is about it for right now. I think I will go take a nap in my swing.

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Aunt Cynthia  

It sure sounds like you all are having quite a weekend! Hope the bad weather has stayed away. The rain has changed our plans, but still is nice to have a long weekend.