No More Eye-Patching!  

That is the great news we got from the eye doctor on Tuesday. Since our first visit to Dr. Tychsen in May, I had been wearing an eye patch on my left eye for two hours every day.

This was because Mommy noticed my right eye was turning in a little when she took pictures of me and she and Daddy knew that Daddy's eye had turned in the same way when he was my age.

So in May, Dr. Tychsen and his staff and other doctors figured out that I needed glasses and, to prevent and reverse vision loss, I needed to wear the eye patch over my strong eye to make my right eye regain strength so my eyes both worked together. I've been wearing the patch every day since, attached to my glasses for 2 hours every day. Mommy and Daddy say I did really well with wearing it and even had a pretty good idea when the two hours was up so my patch could come off for the day!

In our two follow-up appointments, Dr Galli, who works with Dr Tychsen, told us that my right eye was getting stronger. This week, she said my right eye had done really well and we could at least take a break from the patching! We will continue to monitor the progress with more follow-up visits but we are all very excited that there is no need for patching, at least through the holidays!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy are so thankful they were watching my eyes and took quick action to help me out! To celebrate, Mommy and Daddy got started on Christmas shopping (I got some new shoes since I am a growing boy!) and we went to the zoo yesterday!!! My favorite parts were riding the train, going nose to nose with the hippos (I LOVE hippos!) and getting to pet the goats in the children's zoo! We had so much fun together!

I still wear my glasses when I am awake, but they help me out and I don't mind them. Someday, I will go to contacts but that is a ways in the future! All of us are so happy with the good news, so I just had to share!!!

Mommy and Daddy say there might be some highlights of our zoo trip showing up soon, so come back and see what else I am into!

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Grandma J  

You have done so well with your glasses and the patch, Cameron! We are so happy you get at least a break from the patch. So thankful there are good doctors who can determine the problems and help us make them better. See you soon--we love you!