ER Trip Averted!  

I almost got to make my first trip to an Emergency Room today! Luckily I did not have to go this time!

I have found a new game where I run from the end of the hall way and crash into the couch at full speed - it is great fun!!

However, as a 2-year old, I don't always get my feet going to the right places. Today I tripped over my feet and fell into the leather ottoman! My face hit the foot stool and shoved my glasses into my face...they made an indentation where my nose pad sits and cut my skin just above my left eye.

Mommy first thought the cut might require my first stitches but when Daddy used a cold wash cloth on the cut and Mommy put first aid cream on it, they discovered it was a superficial cut and I don't have to get stitches.

My eye socket did swell up very fast, all the way to the size of a golf ball! It's going to be black and blue for a while...

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! Grandpa, Grandma, Great-Grandma and Uncle are coming to see me and then we will go to Nana and Papa Jim's on Saturday!

I have been eating a lot for my growth spurt and to practice for all the great holiday food! It's warm right now but Mommy and Daddy say it is going to get very cold later this week!

It's time for me to go night-night!!!

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