Doors Cannot Stop Me!  

Mommy and Daddy are in trouble now! I can reach door knobs and turn them to go through the door! If it is not locked, I am coming in! I even opened the door to my room at day care today, too!

I even figured out how to lock Mommy and Daddy outside on the other side of the screen door! Luckily for them, Daddy had left another door unlocked a little earlier so he went around and came in that way. They think some changes will have to be made soon :)

Speaking of day care, Mommy and Daddy found out this week that the Monday after my birthday I will be moving from the Sea horse room (1-year olds) to the Barnyard room (2-year olds) and Miss Tracey. I will miss Miss Sue but I will get to see some of my other friends again. In this room, I get to start drinking from a cup with no lid or straw and start learning to go without my diaper!!!

I am getting so big! Can anyone believe I will be 2 in less than two weeks??!!??

It is past my bedtime! Talk to you again soon!!!

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