I am not leaning!  

Yup, this is me! I can stand up all myself!

Tam-maw came over to play for a couple hours today. And after about 10 minutes of trying I figured out that I really don't need to lean against things as long as I don't think about it. If I realize that I am standing up, I get excited and fall over. But, I stood here for over a minute before trying to take a step and getting caught falling in mid air.

Pretty cool huh?

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great grandma J.  

Cameron, you are a big boy standing already. Next you will really be walking.
Keep up the good work, honey. Love you,
Great Grandma J.

Wow that's awesome, what a big boy!!

grandma jacque  

Oh my goodness!! How you are learning and doing new things--you look like you have grown just since we saw you. You look very strong--those legs are really holding you up. You will be running all over the house before we know it!
Love you!!
Grandma Jacque and Grandpa Paul

Hi there, I stopped by your blog because my oldest son's name is Cameron too. He's eleven though. You're certainly a cutie. What a good idea to create a blog for kid related updates!