YEOW!!! That HURT!!!  

So I had to go see the doctor with the mustache today. And he was nice to me and said I was growing very well! I now weigh 11.0 pounds and am 21 1/4 inches long!!! I'm such a big guy! But the "fun" was not over yet! And "fun" is definitely relative!!!

I got to drink one medicine, but then some lady I have never seen before hurt me and hurt me and hurt me! She stuck THREE needles into me for what Mommy and Daddy called vaccinations. They said I HAD to have them. If they are so important, why didn't Mommy and Daddy get them??? Huh??? Answer that! What? Oh, Daddy says they got their turns with being stuck like that when they were my age. That must have been a LONG time ago, since they are so big!

And the good news is I do not have to go back to the doctor for two more months! Hopefully there will be no more sticking with needles at that time. What? Oh, that's not good. Daddy says there will be more vaccinations then.

After the vaccinations, I got to go on an outing with Mommy, Tammaw, and Mama Pat to get fabric for Mommy to make me a new sling and some slings for her to sell to make money to pay for my fun stuff!

We are all excited about this weekend. I am going to take Mommy and Daddy to the parade to meet up with Mommy's friend Tina and watch for Tina's husband Jeff in the 4th of July parade! Then, we will bar-b-que and hopefully see fireworks. Mommy and Daddy say the river water is going down so hopefully the flood gates can come out next week.

As you can tell, it's been a long day and I've done a lot. I'm going to go sleep. Good night!!!

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Hey, Cameron, don't think you're alone getting those shots -- almost all kids your age get them! you did work Mom and Dad for some extra loving after the shots, didn't you? And do be sure to congratulate your Mommy on her new job -- sounds good! You take care! We hope to see you SOON! Love, Aunt Luci and Uncle Charlie