Yay for Comments! And Happy Birthday to ME!  

Thank you so much for the great comments for me! (And Mommy thanks Tina and Cynthia for having pitty on Mommy for having to watch the Cubs game!)

I am one month old today, so where is my Birthday Cake?? Mommy and Daddy talked last week about baking one, but I somehow think that they would get more enjoyment out of that than I would... Maybe they would let me lick the icing? With my Mommy around, I doubt it. She says that I can't have anything but formula for the first 6 months!! That is a really long time to go without Cake or Chocolate. Mommy also claims that if she can go 9 months without a delicious frozen Peach margarita from her favorite mexican place that surely I can go six months without cake. I guess that is a fair deal... although I don't like it.

Mommy plans to take some videos soon. Here is a quick one from today. This swing was such a great buy. I really like it, it can swing front to back, and side to side, and it runs on power from the wall plug-in, so I never have to worry about batteries dying.

So, Mommy has a question. What types of activities would you like to see me do? She can video just about anything and post it to YouTube. If you have requests, please let her know!

Guess that is it for now, but I am sure that I will be back in a while. Bye Bye!

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OOh, I love the side to side swing! Great idea!

Happy 1 month little man!