Today's Agenda  

Today's the day I met Daddy's co-workers for the first time - there's a lot of them!

I behaved and only got Daddy up once in the night, then woke up at what he called a "human hour" this morning because I WAS HUNGRY! When Mommy got up, they both took yucky baths (I HATE BATHS!) and I was restrained in my car seat for a LOOOONG trip...they picked me up and then I started seeing all kinds of new faces and places. They seem nice though...

We bounced up some stairs and went to other people. This is just what they tell me - I slept through it all - staying up late is HARD WORK and I need my energy! I don't wake up before 2pm! When will they learn???

Daddy's office seems kind of old, but nice and the people all loved me. We went to what he called the "other branch" and saw more people and they all talked about their mean I'm not the only one? What the heck? I thought I was special! We must have a discussion about this.

Mommy's co-workers were all at lunch by the time we got done seeing all of Daddy's friends and co-workers...they said I'll get to meet them some other day.

Right now, I'm not happy. Mommy isn't holding me the way I want to be held and I really want to make a dirty diaper for her .... hehehe. (Dad's note: Yes, he's that obnoxious already)

At least they haven't tried to give me a YUCKY BATH or put my on my tummy yet...I really, really REALLY don't like that! I gotta's time to scream before my next nap!

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