I'm a Tiger Woods in Training!  

Today, I started learning to golf... or at least I learned to ride in the cart. We went and played 9 holes today. Mommy held me, and Daddy played. As soon as I can talk, I have a couple tips for Daddy's golf swing!

My main complaint is that my bottle was NOT warm enough. In protest, I spit the majority back at Mommy.

Tonight I am going back to the golf course to meet the Couples League golfers, and go out for dinner with Jeff and Tina (Mommy and Daddy's best pals). They have a grand-daughter that was born just a little after me. I wonder if Mommy will try to set me up on a date! I'm to young for an arranged marriage! Guess I won't worry about that just yet.

No other big plans for the day, gonna rest up now to be ready for the night!

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