I passed!  

The machine says so! Let me back up - before I came home from the hospital, only one of my ears passed the newborn hearing screening...so I had a follow-up appointment this morning to check the other ear. The medical staff has all told Mommy and Daddy that while in the hospital is too early to do the test, but too many mommies and daddies do not take their children back for follow-ups so the state makes them do the test before being discharged. When I took my first test, my right ear passed, but my left was not cleaned out enough to pass. So I had the follow-up today and I passed! So now I can hear and see and poop and eat and roll over - I'm an advanced baby (hahaha!)

Other than passing my test, it's been a slow kind of day around here. Mommy and I took a nap while Daddy got the cars inspected for license renewal. We had some severe storms move through with lots of hail falling on the deck but no major issues. Daddy said the car lot had a loss on every vehicle they had on their lot - no fun for insurance, I'm sure!

I've been eating more and more lately - up to 3 oz almost every time I eat, but I get to burp in the middle since my tummy won't hold all of that plus the air I inhale when I eat like I've never eaten before nor will ever eat again. Finally this morning before my test, I got one over on Daddy. I've pottied, pooped, and thrown up on Mommy, but Daddy had been tricky up until now. But just before we went to my test, I ate and decided I would not burp for him. He kept trying and finally sat me on his lap pointed towards him. I saw my opening and TOOK IT! I spit a little bit at daddy and got it on his shirt and pants so he had to change clothes before we could go to the test...I got another one! Hahaha!!! Now I just have to figure out how to get him during a diaper change sometime....

One other thing we did while at my test was saw all of Mommy's old co-workers from the Emergency Room - they all loved me (who doesn't???!!!???) and were so happy for Mommy and Daddy - what did THEY do? I'm the one growing up around here! I'm the one to be happy for!

Oh, I suppose it is probably time to take another nap! Hope everyone is having a good day and I'll be back soon!

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