I don't know what I want...  

But I want something, and I want it now!

I am not happy today, and honestly neither is Mommy. The day started off with the Weather Radio going off very loudly, making Mommy jump out of bed because she didn't know what that noise was. It was for a Tornado Watch. Just a Watch. I think I heard Mommy say a few words that I am not allowed to repeat. At least now she knows what that awful noise is (and how to make it stop!).

Mommy took a super quick shower because I decided that I was done with being asleep. I'm really good with timing though, as soon as Mommy got fully wet, that is when I start to scream. No relaxing showers allowed today! When Mom picked me up, she was still wet, and I thought that was funny.

I don't want to be down today, so Mommy shouldn't be down either. I just want her to walk with me. I love my sling, and I will sleep in that, but Mommy couldn't cook lunch with me in there because she is afraid I might get burned. So, she put me down, and I once again showed that I have very healthy (and loud) lungs!

Daddy got home for lunch, and Mommy made Broc Rice and Cheese Casserole (Leftovers) and a couple minute Steak Greek Teriyaki sandwiches for him. I calmed down for a while and accidently fell asleep while they were eating.

We got some sad news today, Daddy will not be home for lunch 4 whole days next week. He has to go to Quincy for some training meetings. Mommy might have to call in some reinforcements for baby support. Besides, that means calling my Great Grandma! She will sit and play pattycake and talk to me for hours. She also sings fun songs that Mommy doesn't know yet.

Mommy loves music, but kid songs are not her strong suite. But, I will probably be the only kid in Kindergarten that knows all the words to American Pie, and Cats in the Cradle! She will sing me some Country, but only the good ones, but mostly Top 40.

My friend Taylor's Mommy and Grandpa got hit by a jerk in a truck. He just hit them while they were walking, and drove away. He got arrested though, I hope they throw away the key! Thank God they are both going to be ok, but it will take some time. I am just so glad that Taylor's Mommy wasn't holding her at the time! If you are the praying sort, say a quick one for her Mommy and Grandpa so that they heal quickly with no serious after effects. If you are the vigilante sort, call Mommy, I'm sure she could find you that jerks address :)

I think there is going to maybe be a BBQ this weekend, if the weather cooperates. I have no idea who is coming, but I am sure it will be fun, and I will get lots of attention. You know, everything is about me, me and me right now :)

Since I am so fussy, and no one wants to see a cute baby cry and scream, I will post a video of my 5 minute happy period this morning. The music in the background is the song that my swing plays. Hope you like it!

I'm finally asleep in my sling, so Mommy is going to try to put me down and get some house stuff done. Talk to you later, alligator!

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Grandma Jacque  

We wish we were closer and could help Mommy and Daddy take care of you more; but right now it just isn't working out for us to move to Hannibal?!! That would surprise everyone, wouldn't it?!! It is a thought!! You look so content in your swing with the music playing; but Grandpa thinks you are ready to get out of there and move around even more. We sure need to figure out a way for Mommy to be able to get those showers; she needs that time for herself once in awhile--just remember she won't be in there long, and she will give you attention just as soon as she is done. Love all of you, Grandma Jacque and Grandpa Paul