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So, this has nothing to do with me, but Mommy got an email today with a link for a live webcam of Baby Eagles. Its not nearly as exciting as watching me, but they are kinda cute, so she wanted to share.

Mommy plans of getting a new video of me taken today or tomorrow though, and also plans on making a "webshots" album of me so that if you want to, you can have new pictures of me sent directly to your desktop background. Mommy will try to set it up, and then let Daddy test it to make sure it works before she sends out the information. Mommy is always looking for some new techno-gadget!

I had a good day yesterday, or at least I think it was a good day. My Tam-maw came about 11am, and stayed until 4. Guess what we did? SLEPT! Besides having my bottle, Tam-maw and I curled up on the couch and tried to watch a movie with Mommy (I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry). I didn't last very long, and neither did she! Mom just let us sleep, and she made dinner, washed bottles, and picked up a little. I was really only awake for about 4 hours yesterday, Mommy thinks maybe I am having a growth spurt. I have also been pretty fussy, and not drinking as much as I had been at each feeding. I gulp it down so quick, but then I just start playing with it and spitting it bad at Mommy. I'm having fun, but she seems to get a bit frustrated when I do this.

I am still quite a ways away from getting out of most of my newborn clothes though, the 0-3 stuff is still way too big! I have long fingers, so Mommy is really hopeful that I will get Daddy's height. Being short is hard enough for a girl (Mommy knows), but it would be REALLY tough on a boy, especially when my Daddy is so tall.

My Grandpa Gayle might be moving back into the area. His wife might be buying we own Medical Practice. She is a Nurse Practicioner. Mommy thought really hard about going back to school to be a Nurse Anethestist, and had planned on it after they moved to St. Louis, but that was before she found out about me, and now she just wants Daddy to hurry up and when the lottery so that she can stay home with me full time! Grandpa called yesterday, and said that he was waiting on a ride because he was done fixing the highway. He works for MoDOT. That is Missouri's Department of Transportation.

We don't know where my Uncle Daniel is this week. He works all over the place fixing gas lines, among other gas related jobs. He is a Certifed OSHA inspector now, and works in all the states around Missouri. He is on the road all week, and home most weekends. He got a Motorcycle! Its white, and matches his Chevy Avalanche. I think it is pretty cool, but Mommy thinks he is crazy! She made sure that he has signed his organ donor card. He hit a deer with his Truck, but thank God it wasn't on his motorcycle, or they would have had to scrape him off the pavement. Mommy worries about him a lot. Its kind of an occupational hazard being a trauma nurse, she has seen first hand what can happen. Its a speed bike, and goes really really fast.

My Great Papa Russ got a motorcycle too, and he is 70+ years old! If this is a midlife crisis, Mommy thinks he is running a little late. She would have much rather he bought a Red Convertible. Both Daniel and Papa Russ wear helmets, and Mommy thinks she is going to get Papa Russ a pair of fake leather chaps for Christmas so that he can really "look the part" of a biker. As long as he doesn't get an "I love Mom" tattoo, we should be safe.

Daddy wants a Motorcycle. Mommy wants a little Scooter, but that is about it. She told Daddy that the motorcycle would have to have three wheels so that its less likely to tip over, but with me, its still not a good idea. But if gas goes much higher, a scooter that gets 90 miles to the gallon would be great for trips about town, but I would stay home until I am a lot bigger.

Daddy is in Wentzville today (again). So, he will not be home to play with me at lunch. Do you think Mommy will actually cook lunch for herself, or just have some Chocolate, or a frozen Kit Kat? I'm betting on the Kit Kat! I haven't had a Kit Kat yet, Mom says I can't have chocolate until I am about a year old due to the possibilities of peanut oil allergies. No peanut butter either! Bummer!

At least Daddy is not alone today. He is with his "work wife" Laura! She and Daddy share an office. She has a little girl that goes to the same day care that I will go to. Laura came to the hospital to meet me when I was born, and brought Chocolate! Mommy likes Laura (and Chocolate!). But, if they go to Red Lobster for lunch, Mommy will be really mad! She loves Red Lobster (shrimp and yummy cheddar bay biscuits) but can never talk Daddy into it when they are close to one. They should go to Bandana's BBQ or something. Mommy doesnt really like BBQ, so that wouldn't make her jealous at all! If Daddy knows what is good for him, he should definately stay away from Reb Lobster!

Guess that is it for now, I have rambled for quite a while! I'll get dressed and see if I can't sit in my Bumbo while Mommy shoots a video of me today. If not today, we will get a video posted tomorrow!~

Lots of Love, Cameron

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